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Americans Love to Drive

Americans love to drive.  How many times have they driven travel through more than one state while on vacation?  More than one can count.

Unlike many other countries, the United States government did not develop a nationwide set of driver safety laws, leaving that responsibility to each state.  This situation results in the rules and requirements changing when one enters a different state.  Speed limits, fines, smog control, what-have-you.  Only commercial vehicles fall under the jurisdiction of Federal guidelines.  So, what about you, the everyday motorist?

This situation extends to the topic of vehicle safety equipment and accessories; rules (if they exist) and requirements vary from state to state.  Outside of seat belts and front airbags, everything else is open.

When buying a vehicle, new or used, you have to remember to ask about safety features and equipment.  If you think something must be added, you probably have to do it yourself as the seller is not obligated to provide it.  You probably will think about a tire jack kit, flares, tire gauges, reflective triangles, and a plastic one-gallon container for when you need emergency fuel.

All of these items are very good and useful.  What you should also consider is a piece of reflective material that one can easily store inside your vehicle, especially when you are not able to leave your disabled vehicle and your blinking emergency lights may not be working.  This reflective piece should be simple to install to the exterior of your vehicle.  Let’s hope you never have to use it.  But if you do, having that extra source of visibility may make the difference between life and death!

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