Car/SUV SafetySock

Car/SUV breakdowns? Emergency situations? Add a SafetySock to your glove box for safe visibility without going to your trunk for a car safety kit.

Car/SUV SafetySock - Zero Teen Fatalties

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  • Every year, too many Americans are killed and injured in roadside crashes. Crashes with stationary objects are often the result of distracted driving, of which parked vehicles compose the most common type of roadside crashes. Many of these crashes could have been avoided if only there was something to make stranded vehicles more visible.
  • In 2018, 39,404 people died and over 4.4 million people were injuried in crashes on our roadways. These tragic statistics mean that a person dies once every 13 to 14 minutes and 500 people get injured every hour from vehicle crashes.
  • That's why we created the SafetySock roadside visibility sock. SafetySock is a durable, reflective piece of safety equipment that hangs off your car's external mirror and allows other drivers to see you better-- especially in low light on the roadside.
  • It will make you and your vehicle more visible and visibility saves lives.
  • Top: 7.5" height x 7.5" width x 5.75" depth Flag: 15.5" height x 8.25" width
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Why is SafetySock® recommended when there are already other safety devices, such as flares, reflective triangles, cone, etc.?

Recent driver training curricula strongly recommend that people remain inside the vehicle when stalled on the road, median, or roadside. Using the SafetySock® enables people to remain inside the vehicle while increasing visibility.

Why is SafetySock® recommended when one can just turn on the vehicle’s blinking lights?

Despite the fact that vehicle safety visibility equipment exist already, traffic crashes and fatalities are still on the rise, especially as traffic volume increases. So more effective visual disruptors, not less, are needed.

Is SafetySock® available for affiliated programs (e.g. teen driver schools, insurance programs, fundraisers, etc.)?

Yes, please contact us for further information.