Frequently Asked Questions

Are the different sizes of SafetySock® for different size vehicles?

Yes, there three sizes of SafetySock® – Car/SUV, Large Truck, and Semi Truck.

How is the SafetySock® different from other emergency road side kits?

Most emergency road side kits are kept in the truck of a vehicle and requiring the driver to exit the vehicle. The SafetySock® is designed to be kept INSIDE the vehicle and applied by simply rolling down the window and placed over the outside, side view mirror, thereby allowing the driver to remain in the vehicle where research indicates is the safest place during emergency roadside situations.

What types of materials are the SafetySock® made out of?

The SafetySock® is made out of the highest quality 3M reflective materials and meets ANSI Class II reflective.

How easy is it to use a SafetySock®?

The SafetySock® can easily be deployed from sitting within the vehicle, simply rolling down the window, and applying the SafetySock® over the outside mirror.

Can SafetySock® be branded with company logos?

Yes, safety messages, company logos, and campaign information can be branded on the SafetySock®.

Is SafetySock® washable?

Yes, wash warm, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron, do not dry clean.

How can I order SafetySock®?

You can order from SafetySock’s® here on our website, from Amazon, or from distributors nationwide. Please contact us for additional information.

Does SafetySock® have a distributor price?

Yes, please contact us for further information.

Is SafetySock® available for affiliated programs (e.g. teen driver schools, insurance programs, fundraisers, etc.)?

Yes, please contact us for further information.

Where does one store SafetySock®? How easy is it stored?

SafetySock® should be stored inside the vehicle at a very easily accessible place, such as in a glove compartment, cup holder, or center console. Since SafetySock® is made of pliable material, to becomes very easy to store since it can be folded or rolled up and can be squeezed into small places. It is recommended that SafetySock® be stored inside the vehicle as the safest alternative.