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How to Deal with Car Trouble

Convenience, convenience.  That word is something that is always in the back of our minds in this fast-paced world.  However, along with convenience, you should also take into mind dependability and effectiveness.

When driving around town, out in the countryside, along the shoreline, amid the desert, during the day, or in the dead of night, being prepared for an emergency requires all three of the above-mentioned attributes.  Imagine driving along the busy highway at night and suddenly your radiator malfunctions and you must pull over to the side before you incur more serious damage to your vehicle.   What do you do?

First, you pull over to the side of the road to avoid the dangers posed by speeding vehicles.  Then what?  You probably turn on your blinking headlights to warn passing vehicles that your vehicle is incapacitated.  Simple enough and certainly they are convenient, being activated with a mere push of the button.  And effective too.  But are they dependable?  In most cases, probably.  But what if the nearest town is thirty miles away and has a population of about 1,000 people?  Also, your cell phone receives only a weak signal, weak to the point that it may a while just to make a proper connection for your call for help.  Will your blinkers last long enough before proper help can arrive?  Maybe, but why take a chance?

Have a back up to your blinking lights that are also convenient, dependable, and effective.  A pretty easy solution is to carry with you a piece of reflective material that can be easily stored inside your vehicle and be attached to your side-view mirror while you can remain in your vehicle.  As with your blinkers, this safety back up is effective.  It will increase your visibility.  Furthermore, it is absolutely more dependable.  A piece of reflective material will not run out of energy since it requires none.

Of course, you probably have flares and reflective triangles.  But don’t you have to get out of your vehicle to utilize them?  What if it is not you, but your teenage daughter or elderly father in this predicament?  It is recommended that they stay in a disabled vehicle, so convenience is not only a good idea but also a necessary one.  Think about this idea the next time you think about the safety accessories in your vehicle.

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