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Roadside Safety

According to the National Safety Congress (NSC), the year over year roadside fatalities continue to rise for a variety of reasons including distracted driving, driving under the influence, and bad infrastructure. Of these deaths, many occurred in work zones, which translates to about 2 work zone deaths a day, 365 days a year.  These statistics do not take into account the alarming and increasing injury rates of roadside and work zone accidents.  According to NSC, there is a work zone accident every 14 minutes.  This translates to increasing insurance premiums and payouts, increasing workman’s comp claims and lost time on the job by injured employees, and priceless impacts on individuals and families.  “We are in the midst of a public health crisis and it isn’t Zika,” says Deborah Hersman, former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board and now president and CEO of the National Safety Council (National Public Radio, October 20, 2016). Ordinary drivers on family vacations see the dreaded orange barrels more and more as roads, bridges and infrastructure continue to be repaired. This is only made worse as more drivers hit the roads.

For work zones, many companies involved have established safety protocols, including equipment and procedures that their employees must implement.  Standard safety programs include training courses, printed materials, and specialized certifications and programs exist for those occupations involving extremely dangerous environments. New teen drivers sometimes may not understand the overload of work zone signs and although traffic safety is taught in driving schools it is over overshadowed by the vast amount of information covered in driving school.

The patented SafetySock® is made and produced by Globosocks LLC.  This high visibility product is made to slide over the side mirror on either side with minimal effort and is constructed out of the same reflective material used for the safety vests that roadside workers are required to wear in their work zones. Using this product could be the easiest first step which can made for fleets in work zones and if a car is stranded on a roadside.

But what about the rest of us ordinary drivers?  Most new cars are supplied by manufacturers with safety kits located in the trunk of a vehicle.  Research indicated that there are high numbers of accidents which occur as soon as the driver exits the vehicle, so having a SafetySock® in a glove compartment, along the door in a cup holder or simply under a seat eliminates the need to exit a vehicle while ordinary drivers wait for their emergency roadside assistance to arrive.   Simply roll down a window and slide the SafetySock® on.  For used cars, one can find innumerable auto equipment for safety products.  Safety equipment should include devices such as jack equipment, safety triangles, safety cones, and safety flares. Of course, the driver should always activate our flashing headlights, but this action will drain our car’s batteries and if drivers were stranded during the night in the middle of nowhere so an addition of a SafetySock® can be a vital piece of safety equipment.

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