Semi-Truck SafetySock

When a semi-truck driver pulls over to the side of a busy road to stop (for repairs or mandatory rest stops), how can the driver increase the vehicle’s visibility without leaving the vehicle?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has reviewed the SafetySock® according to its regulations and has confirmed that the SafetySock® can be used as a piece of vehicle safety equipment by commercial vehicles. The SafetySock® can be integrated into existing safety programs and added to existing safety protocols.

Large Truck SafetySock

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Brand: Globosocks
Country of Origin: China
  • There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of your roadside workers and fleet drivers. Sadly, each year too many roadside workers are killed or injured in crashes because of low visibility. Furthermore, drivers and passengers in passing verhicles are also suffer injuries and deaths in these crashes.
  • From 2015 to 2018, an average of 672 work zone fatal crashes occurred, resulting in 755 fatalities, of which 124 were workers. In 2019, 67% of highway contractors reported work zone intrusions, of which 8% resulted in fatalities.
  • EVERY 5.4 minutes there is a work zone crash and EVERYDAY there is at least one work zone death.
  • We created the SafetySock roadside visibility sock because we believe even one roadside death or injury is one too many.
  • When your crews hit the streets, make sure they are equipped with the easy-to-apply, durable, all-weather SafetySock, their safety depends on it.
  • Top: 12.5" height x 12.5" width x 8.25" depth Flag: 21.5" height x 14" width
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Is SafetySock® ANSI compliant?

Yes, SafetySock® is Class II Reflective (ANSI/ISEA 107-2010).

Can SafetySock® be used by semi-truck drivers resting or stopped on the side of the road?

Yes, SafetySock® as a visual disruptor is a great tool for semi-truck drivers to use on their vehicles for resting or stopping on the side of the road as long as it is used within existing safety protocols.